“The glorious, glorifying resurrection”

Often when children are small you have endless ‘why’ questions to answer as a parent.  In some way, it is true when it comes to explaining our Christian faith.  For example, why did a perfect God allow heaven to have angels who did not keep their positions of authority but abandoned their own home? (Jude… Read More ›

“The danger of too many words”

One thing that I have learnt over the years and continue to learn is the danger of sin when too many words are spoken.  On several occasions, I have said things (or even printed words or allowed them to be printed) without giving proper thought as to whether they were admirable or praiseworthy.  On some… Read More ›

Culture or gospel driven?

Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about ‘culture’ and especially how it relates to Christian worship and the gospel in general. The question with which we need to deal is whether our culture drives the gospel or should the gospel drive our culture.  It seems to me that the latter is correct, but it… Read More ›

Loving discipline

Sometimes when we discuss the third mark of the true church as listed in Belgic Confession Article 29 (i.e. the faithful administration of discipline), we could exchange the word ‘discipline’ with ‘love’ for discipline is a sign of love.  The disciplining of Church members is always a difficult thing to implement, however, the ruling elders… Read More ›

Don’t write them off!

For some people, the biblical doctrine of election becomes difficult to comprehend since some of our close friends, perhaps even family members that we love, have until now not responded to God’s call on their lives.  At other times, we know our own hearts and wonder why God would make Jesus known to us, whilst… Read More ›

“Salvation – it’s free, take it”

One thing I thought that was interesting recently at our Lifted-Up during the Pako Festa was when some people came for a bacon and egg roll, they were reluctant to accept it for free.   Some people even offered to pay for it or at the very least make a donation for the food received.  Perhaps… Read More ›

An awkward discussion…

I would hope that most of us reading this feel blessed to be part of a Christian fellowship.  Of course, it is our prayer that we will continue to be a blessing to each other until the day the Lord returns victoriously on the clouds, or alternatively, calls us into His eternal presence some other… Read More ›

“It’s not about the view…”

When we lived on the Northern Beaches in Sydney, there were some spectacular views along the coastline, especially when one drove along the cliffs and could see the beaches below. Perhaps one of the best views was from the Bible Garden looking down to Palm Beach. Interestingly, some people (not all) who have spent megabucks… Read More ›

How to fight the good fight…

One annoying thing that keeps niggling at our assurance of salvation on occasions is whether we will be like some others who have at one time done their profession of faith but now seemingly have given their Christian faith away.   One trap we fall into as Christians is looking for assurance of salvation in the… Read More ›

Revival and renewal

As most of you would know, we have been in Europe this past month, catching up with some family and friends and seeing some spectacular scenery.  One of the highlights of the trip was being able to see the history of Europe, which included some of the early architecture, the narrow streets that are sprinkled with little… Read More ›